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abs rearguards steel rearguards sillguards
  • What is a Rearguard?

    Rearguards are a bespoke fitting ABS plastic moulding, which fits on top of the rear bumper and is secured with self-adhesive tape.

  • What does it do?

    It protects the paintwork from damage when placing objects into the boot, thus preventing potentially costly repairs!

  • How can I get it fitted?

    Your local garage or accessory shop can fit it for you, or alternatively it is a simple DIY fit which takes about 10 minutes. Full diagrammatic fitting instructions are included.

  • What finishes are available?

    Black, Carbon Look, Silver and Brushed Aluminium Look, which when fitted complements all vehicle colours.

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easy to fit

Most modern vehicles have painted rear bumpers, which are vulnerable to damage and very expensive to re-paint and repair. Rearguards solve this problem. They are made from tough A.B.S. Plastic and are available in either Black, Carbon Look, Silver or Brushed Alloy Look finish. They are CNC trimmed to ensure a perfect fit, and are secured in position with Double-Sided self adhesive tape. In some cases existing bolts or screws are used to attach the Rearguard. DIY fitting is very easy and takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Full step-by-step diagrammatic Fitting Instructions are supplied, together with a cleaning sachet.

Rearguards are one of the most practical and sensible accessories you can fit to your car, with many car manufacturers now offering Rearguards as an approved accessory.

Every Rearguard is vehicle specific and tailored for the models listed. We are constantly adding to the range and at the moment have over 750 models. If you can't find your vehicle please call 01525 853888 or Email us and find out which new models are in the pipe-line.